The Resojets

The Resojets are a Montreal-based band playing Rocksteady, Ska, and Reggae. They play a mix of originals and classics from the Golden Era  of Jamaican Music.

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The Resojets were born out of a love for the swing, sway and harmonies of Jamaican Rocksteady, a music made for the open spaces and dark corners of the dance floor.

Formed in 2008, Montreal’s The Resojets are Anurag Dhir (vocals, percussion), Dan Ellison (drums, vocals), Derek Skeie (guitar, vocals), Marc-Andre Caron (guitar, vocals), Sean Scanlan (bass), Elise Luciole (sax) and Fabien Rose (trumpet). The members of The Resojets bring together over two decades of live music experience from such diverse genres as country, indie and blues to jazz, klezmer and rock. They have united in their love for the place where melody and rhythm meet: Rocksteady.

Inspired by musical elements of 60s R&B, jazz, ska, African and Latin rhythms, Rocksteady is a genre of Jamaican music from the mid 60s that succeeded ska and preceded Rastafarian-influenced reggae, but that only describes a bookend. Rocksteady also gives voice and melody to the aftermath of independence on August 6, 1962 that was not close to what people had fought for. One form of dependence was replaced by a more economic and fiscally legal form of indentured servitude that has been known by many Caribbean and Latin American countries as Banana Republics. The heartache and introspection of the songs from this short, prolific era (1966-68) are a departure from the restrained celebration of Ska which heralded Jamiaca’s new-found freedom.

The Resojets are nourished by traditions of soulful country longing and good old-fashioned punk rock foot stomp. As their 2014 EP Sound Insurance produced by John Wilson (Meat Beat Manifesto, Supreme Love Gods) demonstrates, The Resojets write originals that can humbly stand alongside the sound system classics of the era.


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